Saturday, 27 July 2013

The Bliss Wedding Gift

Let me start by describing the wedding, to put it simply it was beautiful. The Crooked Inn was a near perfect venue and the bunting looked amazing as did the guests outfits. It was a mavelous steampunk themed extravaganza focusing on two of the most extraordinary people I have the privelege to know. Congratulations go to Mrs and Mrs Bliss! 

Oh and the vows made me cry...

Now about the wedding gift, I had so many ideas about what to make, seemingly each bigger and potentially less feasible than the last that I soon came to realise that if I tried even a fraction of my madcap plans Mrs and Mrs Bliss would end up with either half a house full or nothing at all (some ideas just wouldn't have made it). Then came inspiration - I decided that since I was giving a gift to a couple of creative personalities I would make a gift that would facilitate that creativity. So I made them a big box filled with as many artsy goodies I could think of. Now, it's important to note that the couple had already requested that should guests insist on gift giving it should be secondhand, handmade, recycled or from small independent local business therefore everything I put in my gift adhered to these guidelines. 

The contents of my gift box were largely yarn based, I deemed this appropriate considering one Mrs Bliss has a couple of particularly fine knitting tattoos. Some yarns I handspun on my drop spindles such as the merino wool, newspaper and plarn (plastic yarn), whilst others were gathered/ found. 

I produced some recycled/reclaimed cotton yarn from a few old jumpers, I arranged them into skeins for easy storage but also because I think skein bundles are pretty.

I found this paper yarn at a little independent craft stall in St. Austell a number of years ago and fell in love with it, I've always treated it as precious and perpetually saved it for that fabled perfect project which turned out to be a wedding gift.

In addition to all the yarns, I added various tools for creative purposes. These were mostly handmade except for the 6-pin French knitting spool which was sourced locally. 

Then to go with the braiding tools I included some dolly peg spools and embroidery thread, dolly pegs make great spools for weaving or braiding because they keep the thread/yarn/cord tidy and add weight.

I also made some embellishments for the wedding gift including air dry clay buttons, polymer clay buttons, felted beads and recycled paper beads.

I packaged everything up using brown packing paper, pretty lace and handmade gift labels. I covered little boxes with paper and made origami boxes for slightly larger items. A lot of the yarn was wound onto giant bobbins I handmade, though the cotton skeins were bundled with calico, lace and satin cord. Then the entire collection went inside a big cardboard box decorated with cream and gold wallpaper ready to be opened by Mrs and Mrs Bliss on their big day.

I haven't included everything I put in the wedding gift in this post, just my favourite elements, I think it's safe to say quite a lot went into the gift and I believe (hope) it was well received. 

All I can say now is another congratulations Mrs and Mrs Bliss, I hope you have a long, happy and creative life together.

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